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The Journey To The Future

We believe in the transformative

power of empowering Women

Welcome to Women of Asia, where high-end experience in international management, learning, and arts turns into the empowerment of The More Beautiful Half of Humanity.

Women of Asia is a platform dedicated to uplifting and amplifying women's voices. We recognize the importance of challenging cultural norms, societal expectations, and family dynamics, often reducing women to predefined roles.

Women of Asia is more than a life-skills training program for the marginalized. It draws inspiration from working with women from rural and suburban areas, female researchers, prominent artists, entrepreneurs, influential politicians, princesses, royalty, UHNWI, and organizations. The initiative's founder, Karl Gart, composed a Women's Empowerment Anthem inspired by their real lives.

We strive to share stories, encourage women's personal and professional growth, and help them drive positive changes for a more inclusive and compassionate society.

On our way to the stars, we aim to inspire and empower women, who are integral to the Starcraft Crew. We understand that women's fair, undisturbed progress is vital for their lives and the world's development.

Support Women of Asia! Join us on this journey toward a bright future for humanity!

I Know the Longer Way

The Song by Karl Gart for Bali WISE


Early in 2023, I wrote the lyrics and composed music for the Bali WISE Official Anthem. The song was first performed at the Bali WISE event in May of the same year. Several months later, we teamed up again to script and film a Music Video telling stories of marginalized young women in Indonesia. Despite modest resources for such an artistic endeavor, the result surpassed all our expectations! It turned out that everyone in the writing, music, video, production, and technical teams went the extra mile and sacrificed their time and power to get the best possible result. Read more in the article [coming soon!] (KG)

Mission to Exhaust

Until There Is Nothing More To Do

Solving millennia-old problems may take longer than just a lifetime or a few. Looking at Humanity as one body in terms of space and time, we can predict a positive direction and contribute to guiding towards it.

A Candle

?Are You a Candle

Sharing a simple smile, a word of wisdom, a gesture of compassion, or guiding other people's growth makes the world a better place. Who is a Candle?

Starcraft Ground Crew ©

One Humanity

Today's Humanity faces an uncertain future. Women of Asia contributes to and works on the optimistic scenario.

The Song

I Know the Longer Way © Song by Karl Gart

A Women Empowerment Anthem composed for Bali WISE Organization and its Students. Inspired by the stories of many marginalized young Women


World Without the Need For Women Empowerment Organizations

A Vision of a balanced World where no organizations are necessary to protect different people's well-being


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